Lise, what more can I say other than thank you so much! I've never felt more confident in my own skin before, I don't feel so tired looking anymore which bizarrely gives me more energy. I've also never felt pressured into doing anything more than what I wanted, which is great! The results have been spot on, you always make me feel at ease, explaining every step of the way. Absolute life changer. Highly recommend! - S Johan

Botulinum A Toxin

Botulinum A Toxin is a semi permanent anti-wrinkle treatment. Patients are treated for 'frown lines' and ‘crow’s feet’ around the eyes. The common areas injected are the glabellar frown lines between the eyebrows, lines that run horizontal across the forehead and crow’s feet from the corners of the eyes. Botulinum toxin is injected into muscles and works by blocking nerve impulses to the injected areas. This reduces muscle activity that causes facial wrinkles. FAQ click here

Neuramis® Dermal Filler

Neuramis® This is a NEW hyaluronic acid dermal filler which is highly effective for deep and static wrinkles, volume augmentations and skin rejuvenation. 

Treatment for areas of Neuramis® Dermal Filler are: Cheeks, Lip Volume, Marionette Lines, Chin, Pre-Jowl Sulcus, Vertical Lip Lines and Nasolabial Fold. For more info and FAQ click here


Cryotherapy (Benign Skin Lesion Removal) This is a liquid nitrogen that is applied to the skin lesion for a few seconds or longer, depending on the type of lesion and the diameter and the depth of freeze. It is relatively inexpensive, safe, and reliable treatment, however, it is important that the skin lesion has been properly diagnosed. It should not be used to treat melanoma or any undiagnosed pigmented lesion that could be melanoma.

For more info and FAQ click here

Neurajet Plus

Coast Aesthetics is the first clinic in Hawke's Bay to offer Neurajet Plus treatments. This is a registered nurse only treatment delivering Meso botulinum toxin A with Hyaluronic acid dermal filler via the most cutting edge technology available.  

This highly effective treatment results in rehydration, tighter pores, reduction of fine lines and complete face and neck rejuvenation. Book your complimentary consultation today with RN cosmetic Injector Lise Booth click here to book now